Mediola Endo


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New possibilities in video endoscopy

Precision dual-wavelength laser with a pulse mode.

Application area
  • Endoscopy of a tracheobronchial tree, lower and upper digestive endoscopy
  • Gynecologic laparoscopy


Laser unit parameters

 Dimensions / Weight

Pulse Nd: YAG1064 nm | up to 50 W
Pulse Nd: YAG1320 nm | up to 32 W
Pulse repetition ratefrom 5 to 50 Hz
Width432 mm
Height320 mm
Length665 mm
Weight42 kg

Compatibility with video endoscopic racks

Instruments and expendable materials

Light guide carrier for laparoscopy

Code: MHP06

Universal multi-use light guide

Code: MI 1F.400.3000.SMA, MI 1F.600.3000.SMA


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